The Avocado Sustainability Center

The Avocado growing community is made up of small, multi-generational, family farmers who are dedicated to growing healthy, tasty avocados in ways that sustain the environment for now and for generations to come.

This commitment to growing healthy food, healthy people and a healthy planet is why the Hass Avocado Board created the Avocado Sustainability Center, to drive research and continuous improvement.

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Healthy Food

Avocados have good fats and contribute nearly twenty vitamins and minerals. This makes them a healthy, nutrient-dense choice to support healthy living. As part of a healthy diet, avocados help reduce risk factors for multiple chronic diseases.

Healthy People

The avocado community is made up of small multi-generational, family farmers that create jobs and support strong farming communities.

Healthy Planet

Avocados are grown on trees using naturally regenerative practices including no-till, cover-cropping and water conservation, that support the climate, enrich the soil, and protect natural resources. Regenerative agriculture is a win-win for farmers, the environment, and consumers.

The Vision:The Avocado Sustainability Center (ASC) will become the premier provider of sustainability research, data and information for the Hass avocado industry and a trusted thought-leader in the field of sustainability and agriculture that will provide a better future for the industry.

Sustainably Grown

Discover the practices that make avocados a healthy, sustainably grown choice for you and your family to enjoy.

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Research Library

Browse the comprehensive collection of published research associated with sustainability in avocado production, trade, and economic impact.

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Meet the group of experts helping to develop the strategic priorities of the Avocado Sustainability Center.

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Our Goals:The Evolving Role of the Avocado Sustainability Center

Knowledge Sharing for a Dynamic Industry

  • Provide a central source for the latest information, data and science on avocado sustainability to facilitate access, thought leadership and collaboration across the entire Hass avocado industry.
  • Conduct more research and analysis of best practices in avocado sustainability to build the body of information and understanding of challenges and opportunities.

A Stronger Future Based on Continuous Improvement

  • Uncover innovation and consistently deliver data-based insights to partners across the supply chain to improve sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Leave a lasting positive impact on people and planet for the next generation that we can all be proud of.