Avocados are grown on trees using naturally regenerative practices. These practices support the following actions that help make avocados a healthy, sustainably grown choice for you and your family to enjoy.



Avocado trees contribute to fighting climate change by capturing and storing CO2 from the atmosphere and breathing-out oxygen. A mature avocado tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of CO2 per year.

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Soil Health

Avocado farmers practice no-till growing which stores and prevents the release of CO2, prevents soil erosion, and improves soil health. In addition, leaves from avocado trees are left in the groves where they create mulch which builds microbial activity and adds nutrients to the soil.

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Water Use
and Efficiency

Modernized precision irrigation systems combined with the use of natural rainwater, on over 90% of the acreage growing avocados for U.S. consumption, promotes water efficiency. Regenerative practices, including no-till, improve water retention and infiltration.

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Higher Density

New plantings in many growing regions put trees in closer proximity to each other to produce more fruit for more people using less area. This practice also promotes using less resources on fewer acres driving the efficient use of all resources including water and fertilizer. This can also be beneficial in helping preserve the natural habitats of insects, animals, and plants.

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Strong Farming

Family farms, in all growing regions, benefit the communities they operate in with job creation. This benefit occurs in many low-income and rural communities, in multiple countries.

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The industry is implementing and exploring opportunities to power irrigation and operations systems with solar following smart agricultural practices, in an effort to be more energy efficient, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

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