2022 Mexico

Spatial patterns and determinants of avocado frontier dynamics in Mexico

Authors: Ramírez-Mejía, D.; Levers, C.; Mas, J-F.

The surging demand for commodity crops has led to rapid and severe agricultural frontier expansion globally and has put producing regions increasingly under pressure. However, knowledge about spatial patterns of agricultural frontier dynamics, their leading spatial determinants, and socio-ecological trade-offs is often lacking, hindering contextualized decision making towards more sustainable food systems. Here, we used inventory data to map frontier dynamics of avocado production, a cash crop of

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2022 Mexico

Designing a Closed-loop Supply Chain Network Considering Social Factors; A Case Study on Avocado Industry

Authors: Salehi-Amiri, A.; Zahedi, A.; Gholian-Jouybari, F.; Rodriguez Calvo, E.Z.; Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, M.

Recently, the closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) and its application to various fields have been an area of great interest. Despite the importance of CLSC, there remains a paucity of evidence on agriculture in this area. In this work, a CLSC network for the avocado industry is firstly designed by developing a bi-objective model considering the costs of the avocado industry and the social factor of job employment opportunities. The two objectives are the total costs minimization and job employment maximization

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2018 Ethiopia

Smallholders’ avocado production systems and tree productivity in the southern highlands of Ethiopia

Authors: Biazin, B.; Haileslassie, A.; Zewdie, T.; Mekasha, Y.; Gebremedhin, B.; Fekadu, A.; Shewage, T.

Ethiopia is one of the top five avocado producers in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite increasing recognition for its nutritional value and economic importance, information on smallholder avocado production systems across agro-climatic zones and determinants for tree productivity are literally lacking. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to examine the determinants for avocado tree holdings by smallholder farmers and investigate the effect of avocado production systems and management conditions

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2018 Mexico

Analysis of costs and competitiveness in avocado production in Michoacán, Mexico

Authors: Sánchez, M.A.F.; Rodriguez, J.A.L.; Gonzalez, J.M.S.; Ramos, M.A.; Munguia, A.G.

[The] process of globalization has forced avocado producers in Michoacán to improve their competitiveness, be more efficient and control their production costs to adapt to market demands. Cost accounting provides data to monitor the activities of a company, provides tools for making corrective decisions and achieve goals, to maintain or increase profits production costs, profitability and competitiveness of three representative production units (URP) avocado, two of export and for domestic market

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2013 Hawaii

Are Farmers' Market Shoppers Different From Cross-Shoppers? The Case of Hawaiian Avocado Purchasers

Authors: Sullivan, P.; Chan-Halbrendt, C.; Krishnakumar, J.

Small- and medium-size growers use direct marketing and farmers’ markets to access customers and avoid supply chain intermediaries that increase costs of getting products to consumers. This study examined consumers’ use of agricultural product information sources and their shopping outlet patronage preferences for one type of locally grown produce: avocados. Two farmers’ market segments were identified: 1) shops only farmers’ markets and 2) cross-shops grocery stores. Product information

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2021 Ecuador

Techinical-economic study in avocado cultivation, Atahualpa Canton, El Oro Province

Authors: Vásquez-Aguilar, R.F.; García-Hevia, S.

Avocado presents a growing demand in the international market, as well as an increase in its price. Currently don't represent the most diversified cultivation in the study area. However, by a growing demand is required study that show its profitability and input to farmers income, those haven't identified the avocado production and marketing as economic alternative The research objective is realize technical-economic study for avocado small production, in El Tambo farm Atahualpa canton, El Oro province.

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