2022 Peru

Environmental footprint of critical agro-export products in the Peruvian hyper-arid coast: A case study for green asparagus and avocado

Authors: Esteve-Llorens, X.; Ita-Nagy, D.; Parodi, E.; González-García, S.; Moreira, M.T.; Feijoo, G.; Vázquez-Rowe, I.

Peru has become one of the world's main agricultural hubs for a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Two of these products, avocado and green asparagus, have raised attention in recent years in the international scene from an environmental perspective due to the high amounts of water they require, as well as the long air and marine freighting distances to export these products to Europe, Asia or the US. Consequently, the aim of the current study was to perform an environmental assessment of these

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