1995 South Africa

Bioenergetics, respiration cost and water relations of developing avocado fruit

Authors: Blanke, M.M.; Whiley, A.W.

Avocado fruit of cultivars with different susceptibility to physiological fruit disorders were examined in situ for respiration, stomatal conductance, transpiration and xylem water potential. Therein, attached fruit of cv. Fuerte (susceptible to mesocarp discolouration) were compared with Hass (susceptible to small fruit) over the 3-month period from anthesis until the fruit reached 60 g fresh matter:1. Avocado fruit respired more CO2 in the dark than in the light due to fruit photosynthesis. Respiration

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2020 South Africa

Water use of an intermediate and a mature avocado orchard

Authors: Mazhawu, E.; Clulow, A.D.; Taylor, N.J.; Savage, M.J.

The scarce water resources in South Africa are vulnerable to the increasing pressure of a changing climate. The recent drought experienced in South Africa (2014-2017) has negatively affected the fruit industry, highlighting the need to optimise water use efficiency (WUE) as well as accurately estimate water use. With avocado production in South Africa being export-oriented and dependant on irrigation, proper water management is vital to minimising water use, while maintaining fruit yield and quality.

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