2014 Spain

Long term changes in soil properties and enzyme activities after almond shell mulching in avocado organic production

Authors: López, R.; Burgos, P.; Hermoso, J.; Hormaza, J.; González-Fernández, J.J.

The recycling of almond shell as mulch would allow avocado orchards to be managed organically, maintaining plant yield and improving soil conditions simultaneously. This study aims to analyze the long term effects of successive applications of almond shell as mulching for organically grown avocado. Effects on soil properties, enzyme activities and soil carbon storage as well as avocado yield and growth were studied in comparison to no-tillage conventionally managed (using mineral fertilizers and

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2019 Spain

Yield and fruit quality of avocado trees under different regimes of water supply in the subtropical coast of Spain

Authors: Moreno-Ortega, G.; Pliego, C.; Sarmiento, D.; Barceló, A.; Martínez-Ferri, E.

The subtropical Mediterranean climate of southeastern Andalusian coast allows Spain to be the largest European producer of subtropical fruit, with the avocado as the main representative. In this region, precipitations are scarce and erratic and limit water availability for irrigation. Under this climatic uncertainty, appropriate water use is required for assuring crop environmental sustainability and increasing water productivity (WP) of avocado orchards. For this purpose, it is necessary to evaluate

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2021 Spain

Physiological and Molecular Responses of ‘Dusa’ Avocado Rootstock to Water Stress: Insights for Drought Adaptation

Authors: Moreno-Ortega, G.; Zumaquero, A.; Matas, A.; Olivier, N.; van den Berg, N.; Palomo-Rios, E.; Martinez-Ferri, E.; Pliego, C.

Avocado consumption is increasing year by year, and its cultivation has spread to many countries with low water availability, which threatens the sustainability and profitability of avocado orchards. However, to date, there is not much information on the behavior of commercial avocado rootstocks against drought. The aim of this research was to evaluate the physiological and molecular responses of ‘Dusa’ avocado rootstock to different levels of water stress. Plants were deficit irrigated until

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2023 Spain

Conical spouted bed combustor to obtain clean energy from avocado waste

Authors: San José, M.; Alvarez, S.; López, R.

The advantages of spouted bed technology for waste treatment are linked to the high excess of renewable biomass waste generated by the large worldwide consumption of avocado. Therefore, the applicability of avocado waste as fuel in a novel conical spouted bed combustor was investigated. The solid cyclic movement in this reactor innovatively promotes better mass and heat transfer, as well as better energy exploitation of the waste. Local heat transfer coefficients were experimentally determined in

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2021 Spain

Impact of deficit irrigation on fruit yield and lipid profile of terraced avocado orchards

Authors: Zuazo, V.H.D.; Lipan, L.; Rodríguez, B.C.; Sendra, E.; Tarifa, D.F.; Nemś, A.; Ruiz, B.G.; Carbonell-Barrachina, A.A.; García-Tejero, I.F.

Avocado (Persea americana Mill.) is a subtropical tree, particularly sensitive to either an excess or a lack of water. Understanding this balance is crucial to determine the optimum water supply and enhance crop productivity. The rising shortage of water resources in semiarid producing regions and the need for irrigation optimization call for sustainable water savings. A 3-year monitoring study with avocado cv. “Hass” tested sustained-deficit irrigation strategies supplying 33, 50 or 75% of the

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