2018 USA

Carbon Removal in Forests and Farms in the United States

Authors: Mulligan, J.; Ellison, G.; Gasper, R.; Rudee, A.

The purpose of this working paper is to explore the potential for carbon removal in forests and farms in the United States, to identify needs likely to arise on the pathway to large-scale deployment, and to consider ways to begin addressing those needs. This working paper is part of a World Resources Institute (WRI) publication series CarbonShot: Creat­ing Options for Carbon Removal at Scale in the United States. The series presents findings from a WRI-led assessment of needs for scaling candidate

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2008 Mexico

Carbon content in vegetation, litter, and soil under 10 different land-use and land-cover classes in the Central Highlands of Michoacan, Mexico

Authors: Ordonez, J.A.B; de Jong, B.H.J; Garcia-Oliva, F.; Avina, F.L.; Perez, J.V.; Guerrero, G.; Martinez, R.; Masera, O.

In this study we estimated the carbon content in vegetation, litter, and soil, under 10 different classes of land-use and land-cover classes (LU/LC) in the Purepecha Region, located in the Central Highlands of Mexico. Forests in this area are representative of the montane forests of Central and Southern Mexico and are subject to rapid degradation and deforestation by human pressure. Carbon data for each of the LU/LC classes and the main pools (vegetation, soil and litter) were collected at 92 sites

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