2019 Colombia

Spatial Analysis of Presence, Injury, and Economic Impact of the Melolonthidae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea) Complex in Avocado Crops

Authors: Arias, C.V.; Osorio, A.M.; Osorio, J.G.M.; Ramirez-Gil, J.G.

Beetle insect species classified within the Melolonthidae complex (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea) are a serious pest in several crops around the world including avocado (Persea americana Mill). The present work focused on determining the spatial behavior of the Melolonthidae complex of beetles and determined the economic impact in avocado crops in Antioquia, Colombia, South America. Beetle presence and damage produced in both foliage and fruits were quantified during 3 years for each avocado tree tested

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2020 Colombia

Causes of Hass Avocado Fruit Rejection in Preharvest, Harvest, and Packinghouse: Economic Losses and Associated Variables

Authors: Ramirez-Gil, J.G.; Lopez, J.H.; Henao-Rojas, J.C.

The areas planted with avocado in Colombia have increased to position this fruit in international markets. To achieve this goal, the offered fruits need to meet optimal production standards. The aim of this study was to identify the main physiopathologies and damages that may cause the rejection of avocado cv. Hass fruits for export purposes during pre-harvest, harvest, and processing in packinghouses, and quantify the economic impact of said exclusion criteria. Typological characterization and quantification

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