2022 Multiple

Short vs. Long-Distance Avocado Supply Chains: Life Cycle Assessment Impact Associated to Transport and Effect of Fruit Origin and Supply Conditions Chain on Primary and Secondary Metabolites

Authors: Pedreschi, R.; Ponce, E.; Hernández, I.; Fuentealba, C.; Urbina, A.; González-Fernández, J.; Hormaza, J.; Campos, D.; Chirinos, R.; Aguayo, E.

Avocado consumption and trade are increasing worldwide, with North America and Europe being the main importing regions. Spain is the major European avocado producer (90% of the production), yet it only supplies 10% of the market. Consequently, more than 90% of the avocados consumed in Europe are imported from overseas, mainly from Chile and Peru. In this work, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) impact associated with the transport of two avocado supply chains (short (Spanish) and long (Chilean)) and

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2022 California

What contributes more to life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of farm produce: Production, transportation, packaging, or food loss?

Authors: Qin, Y.; Horvath, A.

The food production and supply systems are some of the biggest contributors to climate change, and food loss from the entire food chain aggravates the problem. We developed a model to estimate the GHG emissions from the entire food cycle (production, packaging, transportation, refrigeration, and waste management), and applied it to cherries, onions, and plums, the first time these produce have been assessed comprehensively in the United States. We pulled into the analysis 6 additional fruits and

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