2012 Chile

Effect of soil water-to-air ratio on biomass and mineral nutrition of avocado trees

Authors: Gil, P.M.; Bonomelli, C.; Schaffer, B.; Ferreyra, R.; Gentina, G.

In Chile, expansion of avocado production has resulted in many orchards established in marginal soils that are poorly drained and have high soil water-to-air ratios when soil moisture is at field capacity. However, avocado trees are sensitive to poor soil aeration. A study was conducted to determine the effects of different soil water-to-air ratios (W/A) on biomass and nutrient content of avocado trees. Two-year-old avocado trees were grown for 2 seasons in containers in soils, with different W/A,

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2018 Ethiopia

Smallholders’ avocado production systems and tree productivity in the southern highlands of Ethiopia

Authors: Biazin, B.; Haileslassie, A.; Zewdie, T.; Mekasha, Y.; Gebremedhin, B.; Fekadu, A.; Shewage, T.

Ethiopia is one of the top five avocado producers in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite increasing recognition for its nutritional value and economic importance, information on smallholder avocado production systems across agro-climatic zones and determinants for tree productivity are literally lacking. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to examine the determinants for avocado tree holdings by smallholder farmers and investigate the effect of avocado production systems and management conditions

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2021 Spain

Impact of deficit irrigation on fruit yield and lipid profile of terraced avocado orchards

Authors: Zuazo, V.H.D.; Lipan, L.; Rodríguez, B.C.; Sendra, E.; Tarifa, D.F.; Nemś, A.; Ruiz, B.G.; Carbonell-Barrachina, A.A.; García-Tejero, I.F.

Avocado (Persea americana Mill.) is a subtropical tree, particularly sensitive to either an excess or a lack of water. Understanding this balance is crucial to determine the optimum water supply and enhance crop productivity. The rising shortage of water resources in semiarid producing regions and the need for irrigation optimization call for sustainable water savings. A 3-year monitoring study with avocado cv. “Hass” tested sustained-deficit irrigation strategies supplying 33, 50 or 75% of the

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