2018 Mexico

Analysis of costs and competitiveness in avocado production in Michoacán, Mexico

Authors: Sánchez, M.A.F.; Rodriguez, J.A.L.; Gonzalez, J.M.S.; Ramos, M.A.; Munguia, A.G.

[The] process of globalization has forced avocado producers in Michoacán to improve their competitiveness, be more efficient and control their production costs to adapt to market demands. Cost accounting provides data to monitor the activities of a company, provides tools for making corrective decisions and achieve goals, to maintain or increase profits production costs, profitability and competitiveness of three representative production units (URP) avocado, two of export and for domestic market

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2021 Ecuador

Techinical-economic study in avocado cultivation, Atahualpa Canton, El Oro Province

Authors: Vásquez-Aguilar, R.F.; García-Hevia, S.

Avocado presents a growing demand in the international market, as well as an increase in its price. Currently don't represent the most diversified cultivation in the study area. However, by a growing demand is required study that show its profitability and input to farmers income, those haven't identified the avocado production and marketing as economic alternative The research objective is realize technical-economic study for avocado small production, in El Tambo farm Atahualpa canton, El Oro province.

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