2023 Spain

Conical spouted bed combustor to obtain clean energy from avocado waste

Authors: San José, M.; Alvarez, S.; López, R.

The advantages of spouted bed technology for waste treatment are linked to the high excess of renewable biomass waste generated by the large worldwide consumption of avocado. Therefore, the applicability of avocado waste as fuel in a novel conical spouted bed combustor was investigated. The solid cyclic movement in this reactor innovatively promotes better mass and heat transfer, as well as better energy exploitation of the waste. Local heat transfer coefficients were experimentally determined in

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2022 Mexico

Avocado spatial expansion in Mexico: Could the energy use of pruning residues offset GHG emissions?

Authors: Tauro, R.; Armendáriz-Arnez, C.; Franch-Pardo, I.; Manrique, S.; Charre-Medellin, J.; Ortega-Riascos, C.; Soria-Gonzalez, J.

Avocado orchards in Mexico are constantly being expanded to meet the increasing demand for the fruit in the national and international markets. The land-use change (LUC) caused by this expansion has numerous negative impacts, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to the loss of forest cover and the open burning of biomass. The present study is a timely evaluation of a complex environmental problem through an integrative approach. We analyze LUC between the years 1974–2017 at a local scale

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