2021 Israel

The impact of tree phenology on the response of irrigated avocado: The hysteretic nature of the maximum trunk daily shrinkage

Authors: Assouline, S.; Hochberg, U.; Silber, A.

The goal of this study was to check the feasibility of the use of dendrometers to monitor water stress levels in avocado trees (Persea americana Mill, cv. Hass) during the period of 2015–2017. This water stress was generated naturally during events of high vapor pressure deficit (VPD) that normally take place during the Israeli spring (May) and late autumn (September). It was also generated artificially by considering two irrigation regimes, one providing the crop water needs estimated using lysimeter

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2022 Chile

Optimal irrigation management for avocado (cv. 'Hass') trees by monitoring soil water content and plant water status

Authors: Beyá-Marshall, V.; Arcos, E.; Seguel, O.; Galleguillos, M.; Kremer, C.

Irrigation scheduling based on soil water content (Ɵw) sensors requires that Ɵw be maintained within a range (management lines) that is optimal for plant growth. The lower limit or “breaking point” is determined following the soil water content dynamics on the transition of a rapid rate of depletion to a slower, under similar reference evapotranspiration. Although this criterion is practical, its implementation should be validated with plant water status measurement that contemplate weather

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2002 Multiple

Water stress affects leaf anatomy, gas exchange, water relations and growth of two avocado cultivars

Authors: Chartzoulakis, K.; Patakas, A.; Kofidis, G.; Bosabalidis, A.; Nastou, A.

Two cultivars of avocado (Persea americana Mill., 'Fuerte' and 'Hass') plants, grown in 501 containers, were studied under two irrigation regimes for 6 months in order to evaluate the growth response and leaf physiological and anatomical changes induced by moderate water stress. Irrigation was applied when soil water potential reached at -0.03 and -0.5 MPa for the wet and dry treatments, respectively. Leaf anatomy changed in water-stressed leaves, which could have accounted for the decreased stomata]

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1993 Greece

Water-use, wetted soil volume, root distribution and yield of avocado under drip irrigation

Authors: Michelakis, N.; Vougioucalou, E.; Clapaki, G.

The effect of three water use (WU) levels corresponding to 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 Ep (Ep=Evaporation ''A'' pan) on wetted soil volume, root distribution and yield of avocado cv. Fuerte was investigated over a 5-year period at Chania, Greece.The average amounts of irrigation water applied annually (in addition to rain) for the three WU levels were 238, 553 and 868 mm, respectively. Soil volumes, with a volumetric soil water content percentage (theta) corresponding to a soil water potential (psi(s)) higher

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2019 Spain

Yield and fruit quality of avocado trees under different regimes of water supply in the subtropical coast of Spain

Authors: Moreno-Ortega, G.; Pliego, C.; Sarmiento, D.; Barceló, A.; Martínez-Ferri, E.

The subtropical Mediterranean climate of southeastern Andalusian coast allows Spain to be the largest European producer of subtropical fruit, with the avocado as the main representative. In this region, precipitations are scarce and erratic and limit water availability for irrigation. Under this climatic uncertainty, appropriate water use is required for assuring crop environmental sustainability and increasing water productivity (WP) of avocado orchards. For this purpose, it is necessary to evaluate

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2021 Spain

Physiological and Molecular Responses of ‘Dusa’ Avocado Rootstock to Water Stress: Insights for Drought Adaptation

Authors: Moreno-Ortega, G.; Zumaquero, A.; Matas, A.; Olivier, N.; van den Berg, N.; Palomo-Rios, E.; Martinez-Ferri, E.; Pliego, C.

Avocado consumption is increasing year by year, and its cultivation has spread to many countries with low water availability, which threatens the sustainability and profitability of avocado orchards. However, to date, there is not much information on the behavior of commercial avocado rootstocks against drought. The aim of this research was to evaluate the physiological and molecular responses of ‘Dusa’ avocado rootstock to different levels of water stress. Plants were deficit irrigated until

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