2017 Florida

An irrigation schedule testing model for optimization of the Smartirrigation avocado app

Authors: Mbabazi, D.; Migliaccio, K.; Crane, J.; Fraisse, C.; Zotarelli, L.; Morgan, K.; Kiggundu, N.

A series of mobile irrigation apps have been developed on the basis that irrigation schedules can be estimated using an average of the previous five days of crop evapotranspiration (ETc). The application of this average ETc methodology for developing an irrigation schedule has not been fully evaluated for the suite of apps, including the avocado app. Thus, an irrigation testing model was developed and is presented here that simulates irrigation depths based on the Smartirrigation avocado app operation

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2019 Spain

Yield and fruit quality of avocado trees under different regimes of water supply in the subtropical coast of Spain

Authors: Moreno-Ortega, G.; Pliego, C.; Sarmiento, D.; Barceló, A.; Martínez-Ferri, E.

The subtropical Mediterranean climate of southeastern Andalusian coast allows Spain to be the largest European producer of subtropical fruit, with the avocado as the main representative. In this region, precipitations are scarce and erratic and limit water availability for irrigation. Under this climatic uncertainty, appropriate water use is required for assuring crop environmental sustainability and increasing water productivity (WP) of avocado orchards. For this purpose, it is necessary to evaluate

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2021 Mexico

Avocado Production Implications at Water Balance since a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Perspective, 2011-2019

Authors: Ruiz-Sevilla, G.; Ortiz-Paniagua, C.F.

Worldwide 0.77% of available fresh water is accessible to humans (Harrison and Pearce, 2000), approximately 70% of it is used as input for agriculture (CONAGUA, 2018), which responds to the growing global demand for foods. In particular, the production of an avocado requires 227.1 liters of water (WFN, 2015). The growing world demand for this fruit has led to the exponential growth of the cultivated area in the last 15 years in Michoacan, the effects on the water balance are already significant.

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2020 Multiple

Avocado Production: Water Footprint and Socio-economic Implications

Authors: Sommaruga, R.; Eldridge, H.M.

The market for avocados is among the fastest expanding markets worldwide, and consumption, particularly in North America and Europe, has increased during recent decades due largely to a combination of socio-economic and marketing factors. Avocado production, however, is associated with significant water conflicts, stresses and hot spots, as well as with other negative environmental and socio-economic impacts on local communities in the main production zones. In considering near-future climatic change

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